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Our gurus will help you pick out the parts you need for DIY repairs and walk you through how to install or fix your plumbing problem. If you need a plumbing fixture we can special order those for you as well. Ask to see our catalogs or bring us the brand and model number of what you would like a quote for.

Comet Plumbing For Homeowners


We highly recommend this product to our homeowners over any other drain cleaner on the market. We suggest that you purchase two bottles; one to use every year around Thanksgiving and another to have on hand for those pesky clogged drains throughout the year.

Key features of Blowout Drain Cleaner:
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Pours through standing water to free drains fast
  • Instantly dissolves hair, grease, soap, and other organic matter
  • Will not affect the action of cesspools or septic tanks
  • Blow out is stronger than household drain cleaners and safer than sulfuric acid

Comet Plumbing For Homeowners


We stock 1/3 hp and 1/2 hp residential-grade waste disposals.

Key features of Food Waste Garbage Disposal:
  • 3-bolt mount assembly for convenient installation or replacement to include removable splash guard
  • All stainless-steel grinding components
  • Partial sound shell for a quieter operation
  • 4-year warranty with lifetime corrosion guarantee

Comet Plumbing For Homeowners


TheFluidmaster 400A is a simple and easy replacement toilet fill valve that solves common toilet fill problems for homeowners. A height adjustable toilet replacement part designed to fix leaking, noisy and slow filling toilet valves, all while remaining easy-to-install. Best for pre-1994 3.5 or more GPF toilets however we have other fill valves for your specific toilet.

Key features of the Fluidmaster 400A are:
  • A top solution to fix noisy toilets
  • Easy to install with instructions included
  • Universal design fits most toilet models
  • New easier to turn tank water level adjustment dial
  • Now preinstalled shank washer for quicker installation
  • Height easily adjusts from 9 in to 14 in
  • Built durable from corrosive resistant materials
  • Replaces old ballcock and outdated valve designs
  • 5 Year warranty

Comet Plumbing For Homeowners


TheKorky Ultra High Performance Flapper is the most universal 2 inch toilet flapper available. The toilet flapper valve adjusts to match original toilet settings and eliminates water waste by decreasing the amount of water flushed. Ideal for all standard 2 inch toilets, including: 1.28, 1.6, 3.5 and 5 gallons per flush (gpf). The exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. Recommended by the Clorox help line, this Korky toilet flapper valve is proven longest lasting. The adjustable toilet flapper has multiple settings to ensure it fits popular 2 inch toilet models. Made of flexible rubber for a tight seal and easy toilet repair, the 100 toilet parts include: (1) Toilet Flapper Valve and (1) Stainless Steel Chain.

We have a dedicated wall specifically for flappers and our gurus will identify which one is the best for your specific toilet brand.

Key Features of the Universal Korky Flapper:
  • Fits most 2 inch flush valves, including American Standard, Kohler, TOTO and more
  • The most universal 2 Inch Toilet Flapper
  • Adjusts to fit all tank sizes: 1.28, 1.6, 3.5 and 5 gallon per flush toilets
  • Exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes: (1) Toilet Flapper and (1) Stainless steel chain

Comet Plumbing For Homeowners


Our most popular seller is the 16 Pt Round Broach Valves, it provides a solution for repairing a broken, worn out, or leaky outdoor faucet. This handle is compatible with most outdoor faucets. We have a larger selection of handles available.

Key features of most spigot handles:
  • Metal construction resists rust and corrosion
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Provides a solution for repairing a broken, worn out, or leaky outdoor faucet
  • Easy "do-it-yourself" installation