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We try to anticipate any questions that you may have about our products or services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please reach out to us and feel free to check out our discussion page. Browse the following questions and answers to see if any of them address your concerns:

Remove the “hot or cold” button from the top of the handle. This will expose the screw that holds it onto the stem. Once the screw is out, gently pull the handle off and bring it to us. Since all manufacturers make their own handles, we will need to see yours to be able to identify the brand. If you have another handle that is not broken from the same faucet, please bring both with you.
Most faucets today use either seats and springs or cartridges. Older faucets used bibb washers and O-rings. Before attempting to remove anything from your faucet or shower, be sure to turn the water supply off. If you are unsure where to turn off your water supply, then check to see if there is a stop valve located under your sink or shutoff valves in the access behind the bathtub. Then perform the following steps:
  • Remove the hot or cold button on top of the handle.
  • Remove the screw holding the handle on.
  • Turn handle to the ON position.
  • Gently pull off handle. (This will expose the stem. They are held in by either a nut or you will see a place to put a wrench. Turn the unit counterclockwise and then remove it.)
  • Bring all the parts you removed for us to identify. Our technicians will then assist you the rest of the way.
Most toilet leaks are caused by bad flappers. Unlike the old days, “hardware store universal flappers” just don’t cut it anymore. Nearly all manufacturers make a different flapper for each model. Bring us the original flapper or name brand and model number of your toilet (check tank or lid). If you are unable to get this information, then please bring a digital photo of your toilet. There are several ways to determine toilet leaks, including the following:You can determine if your flapper is leaking by adding a small amount of dark food coloring in the tank. If the water inside the bowl becomes colored, then your flapper is bad.If your toilet is leaking in or overflowing inside the tank, shut off the water valve located underneath the toilet by turning it clockwise. Remove any screws or caps from the fill valve located on the left side of the tank and bring us all of the parts that were removed. This is usually an easy fix.

If your toilet rocks, wiggles, or if you see water coming out from underneath the bowl, then it is time to change your wax ring and reset your bowl. Our technicians can walk you through this project with ease.
First, you must know your rough-in measurement. The rough-in measurement is from the middle of the toilet bolts located on the floor to the finished wall (be sure to measure past the baseboard to the actual wall). The measurement will be 10″, 12″, or 14″. The standard rough-in measurement is 12″. You need to know this before you shop. Options after knowing your rough-in measurement:
  • Elongated or Round Bowl
  • Toilet Height: 15″ Standard, 16″ Comfort, or 17″ ADA (American Disabilities Act)
  • Now, all you have to pick is a color.
The difference is in the design. A TOTO flushes front-to-rear instead of a swirl flush. The 2-1/4″ trap, 3″ flush valve, (PowerGravity, GMax, Dual Flush Systems) are superior in performance to other brands. Please stop by to see our TOTO showroom.
You should not use petroleum jelly at any time when installing products containing rubber. It will break down the rubber.
We do have a limited selection in stock, or we may be able to special order your particular lid.
We do not offer on-site plumbing service work. If you bring in your parts, then we may be able to rebuild them so you will not have to purchase a brand new product.
Yes. We offer this unique gift idea that is perfect for that hard-to-buy-for individual in your life. This would also work well for someone who is remodeling or building a new home.
We currently carry the following: Drake II, Aquia III, Dartmouth, Rowan, Clayton, Supreme II, Carusoe, Cimarron, and Ultramax.
Grab your bottle of Poo~Pourri, and “shake it like a salt shaker.” Lift the toilet lid, then spritz four to six sprays of Poo~Pourri into the toilet bowl. Take a seat, lock and load, and flush. Tell us what you think!

Contact us for any additional questions you may have about our plumbing company. We serve clients in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.